Tutorials: Setting up Mendeley on Mac for Google Drive syncing

This video describes why and how to transfer the Mendeley database and Pdf articles from the Mendeley folder inside your favorite Cloud folder (here, Google Drive, for the example).


This tutorial requires a free software called MacDropAny, available at the following address: http://www.zibity.com/macdropany.html

Summary of the steps:

  • Close Mendeley
  • Go to your User's folder and make sure the Library folder is visible. If not, right-click, Show View Options and check Show Library Folder
  • Install MacDropAny
  • Open MacDropAny and Choose the following folder in step 1: /Users/YOUR-USER-NAME/Library/Application Support/Mendeley Desktop/
  • Choose your Cloud software in step 2: either Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive
  • Click Sync (and quit MacDropAny)
  • Open Mendeley
  • In the menu, go to Mendeley Desktop/Preferences/File Organizer
  • Tick the "Organize my files" checkbox
  • Choose the following directory to copy files to: /PATH-TO-CLOUD/Mendeley Desktop/Downloaded/. (If this folder does not exist, create it first).
  • That's all, folks!

  • Tutorials: Manual Setup of your library's database and folders with the latest update of ZotEZ, AzizLite, MendEZ and EZPaperz

    This tutorial describes how to set up manually the library you want to connect to Aziz,Lite! or one of its daughter apps. Since the last update, you have now the possibility to force the app to go to one specific folder on your Cloud.

    This means that now you can have multiple library on one cloud (let's say Dropbox), and still be able to choose which one will be synchronized with Aziz,Lite!

    Also, for reference managers like Zotero or Mendeley, it also means that you can have your database file (.sqlite) in one place, and your library folder in another place!

    Finally, it implies (mainly for Zotero) that you can use attachments rather than direct storage folder linking of the PDFs.

    Aziz, Lite! welcomes three daughter apps!

    Ever wondered what the Lite! of Aziz, Lite! did stand for? Well, except for the movie reference, it is the mark of an ongoing project, Aziz, with much bigger ambitions. In the mean time, let's welcome (or welcome back) EZPaperz, MendEZ and ZotEZ...