Tutorials: Setting up Zotero on Mac (or Windows) for Google Drive syncing

This video describes why and how to transfer the Zotero database and Pdf articles from the Zotero folder inside your favorite Cloud folder (here, Google Drive, for the example).



Summary of the steps:

  • Open Zotero
  • Go to Preferences/Advanced/Files and Folders (The Preferences button is located in the Tools menu in Windows).
  • In the Data Directory Location, choose Custom and select a folder (you must name it Zotero) inside your Cloud folder (either Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive).
  • Click "Ok"
  • That's all, folks!

  • Tutorials: Standard Setup of ZotEZ2 for Zotero direct syncing and/or WebDAV PDF storage.

    This tutorial describes the two simplest ways to configure ZotEZ2 for your first sync with Zotero.
    Basically, we'll cover here the options of ZotEZ2 that correspond to the Sync's Tab in Zotero's desktop app's settings (see Fig. 1).

    Getting ZotEZ2 out of the box!!

    ZotEZ² is a third-party client on Android for synchronizing, sorting and downloading articles that are managed with Zotero, and stored on either Zotero Servers, WebDav, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive , and even locally.